The well-known open-air museum Skansen has been advertising with Minicards since 2013. 2017 is their fifth year of advertising. Skansen was one of the most visited locations in Stockholm during 2014 with over 1 million visitors. For their design they chose a picture of a local bakery on the frontside and some contact info and a map on the backside. 

"- We are very satisfied with Minicards. The only printed advertising channel we use to connect with tourists is with the Minicards concept."

Marketing manager 

Hard Rock CAFE

This great icon within popular culture and the music scene has been with us on Minicards since 2013 and they are now reaching their fifth year of advertising. There is two Minicards with us and the first one focus on their Restaurant & Bar while the second card is promotoing their Rock Shop. When handing in this Minicard you get either a free Sundae in the restaurant or a 10 percent discount in the Rock Shop.

"- Minicards REALLY work for Hard Rock CAFE, and is the best printed marketing tool we use today."

Sales and marketing manager
Hard Rock CAFE Stockholm

TaxiKurir Stockholm

TaxiKurir is the biggest taxi organisation in Scandinavia and are present on over 230 locations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Their Minicard is focusing on their app for booking 'on the go' where tourists and hotel guests can make payments directly through their smartphone.

"- You guys have built a very good market channel and we are satisfied with the outcome during 2017!"

Head of Marketing
TaxiKurir Stockholm

Ocean Bus

This exciting activity on both land and water takes tourists on an unique guided tour around Stockholm and it's waterfront. Ocean bus has been advertising with Minicards since 2015.

"- We are very content with the occupancy of Ocean Bus since we started advertising with Minicards."

Ocean Bus

Sjätte Tunnan (Medieval restaurant)

Sjätte Tunnan has been advertising with Minicards since 2013 when Minicards started in Stockholm. This restaurant offers a unique cousine cooked from recipes deriving from the middle ages. 

"-The statistics provided regarding the usage of this Minicard is very good."

Head of Marketing
Sjätte Tunnan

The Carl Eldh Art Studio Museum

The Carl Eldh Art Studio Museum invites the visitor on a spectacular art journey taking place in historical buildings. The museum consists of art installations such as, statuettes, sculptures and portrait busts of famous personalities portrayed by the famous Swedish artist Carl Eldh. They also house exhibitions every year of established contemporary artists active in Sweden. 

2017 was the first year with Minicards for the Carl Eldh Art Studio museum and they have already decided to advertise with Minicards also in 2018.

"Visitors record 2017! We never had this many visitors."

The Carl Eldh Art Studio Museum

Stockholm Pub Crawl

A fun way of exploring the Stockholm night life. With this activity tourists and visitors can make new friends and acquaintances from all around the world. The best part is they can save money thanks to great deals with clubs and bars in Stockholm. This activity guides the visitor to three different pubs and one night club for an unforgettable experience in Stockholm.

" - Minicards is the only channel we use towards tourists, and we are very satisfied with the outcome".

" - Booked for advertising during 2018"

Stockholm Pub Crawl

The Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum has been advertising with Minicards since 2013. On the frontside there is a picture of the ship while on the backside focus is on a map for simple and clear directions to the location.

"-We will continue to use Minicards for a long time ahead because I like it a lot."

Head of Marketing
The Vasa Museum Stockholm

Moderna museet (Museum of Modern Art)

The museum of modern arts have been advertising with Minicards four years in a row. The summer of 2016 they reached the highest number of visitors in 20 years. This was an increase of 32,4 percent compared to previous years, where the amount of visitors have increased in a steady pace since they joined Minicards. They are ready for further advertising in 2018.

"- We are very pleased with the service offered by Minicards and want to continue with further advertising for 2018."

Marketing coordinator
Moderna museet

Strömma Kanalbolag (7 cards)

Strömma Kanalbolag is a big actor in the tourism activity market. Today they have seven cards in Stockholm. The high usage of Minicards guide tourists to these exciting activities and guided tours around the city.

"- We are plased with the high circulation that Minicards offers. This gives us a lot of tourists visiting our attractions."

Marketing Manager
Strömma Kanalbolag

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