Lödöse Museum

This exciting archeological museum outside of Gothenburg chosed to join Minicards during 2018 and have already signed for advertising during 2018.

Welcome to the location of one of the first and biggest medieval cities in Sweden!

Increased the number of visitors during 2017 through new external channels of communication.

Lödöse museum

Slottsskogsobservatoriet (Space observatory)

We are proud partners since 2015 with the Space Observatory in Gothenburg. When we visited the observatory we got the opportunity to participate in an exciting astronomy evening where the staff answered a lot of questions about the universe. On the frontside of this Minicard there is information about when the observatory was founded and the backside contains a map and opening times and dates. 

" - We are very pleased with our advertising through Minicards and we have received a lot more tourists since we joined Minicards."


The Gothenburg Opera

The Gothenburg Opera has been advertising since 2014 and in their latest card they will focus on one of their latest shows, the classical opera 'The Monster in the Maze" composed by the british composer Jonathan Dove and features over 200 people in the cast, both amateurs and professional singers and musicians.

This nice looking Minicard has been noticed by many visiting tourists and many had the chance to see this classical piece of theatre in a more modern version.

"- A lot has happened at the Gothenburg Opera during 2017 and Minicards continues to attract visitors for our shows. All the seats has been sold out since we started our partnership with Minicards."

Head of Marketing
The Gothenburg Opera

The Gothenburg Museum of Natural history

The Gothenburg Museum of Natural History has been advertising with Minicards since 2014. They are now in their third period of advertising with us. The museum had more than 170,000 visitors during the season of 2014/2015 and is a popular activity for the whole family while vising Gothenburg.

"- You did a good job with the design and thank you very much for the statistics."

The Gothenburg Museum of Natural History

High Adventure (Activity)

High Adventure -an obstacle course on high altitude has been advertising with Minicards since 2013. A fun and exciting activity for the daring tourist.

"- We experienced the best year so far when advertising with Minicards."

High Adventure

Lorensbergsteatern (Theatre)

The Lorensberg theatre has been with us since 2014 and is a well known theatre in Gothenburg. During 2017 and 2018 the show "Macken" has been presented to tourists and visitors in Gothenburg.

"- We are very satisfied with our advertising during 2018, we will continue in the coming fall."

Lorensberg theatre

Kronhusbodarna (Shopping)

The old historical building "Kronhuset" in Gothenburg is surronded by an area of small botiques called "Kronhusbodarna". During the 15th century the place functioned as a storage for military goods, but today you can shop all kinds of crafted items such as: pottery, leather, glass and much more.

"- The concept of Minicards works well for us, we have received a lot of english speaking tourists."


Strömma Kanalbolag (5 cards)

Strömma Kanalbolag is a big actor in the tourism activity market. Today they have seven cards in Stockholm together with five cards in Gothenburg. The high usage of Minicards guide tourists to these exciting activities and guided tours around the city.

"- We are plased with the high circulation that Minicards offers. This gives us a lot of tourists visiting our attractions."

Marketing Manager
Strömma Kanalbolag

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