Minicards works globally & locally with the environment and compensation of Co2-footprints. Read more about our work.

Environmental focus within the product
Minicards are 1/6 part of a normal flyer when it comes to paper use. So much less paper is used compare with these flyers or brochures.

Example: Compared to an iPad you need to "environmentally save" 32-49 sheets of paper per day (every day of the week, including holidays), that is a thinner book every day, for 3 years in a row, to compensate for an iPad in comparison with paper Co2-footprint. With that amount per year, you can easly print over 500'000 minicards with the same Co2-footprint, where the ipad also after/ within 3 years will be change out for a newer model (more often the not). A food for though.
All paper we use is FSC paper (https://fsc.org/en/page/fsc-labels) and all residual material is recycled at Stena Recycling (www.stenarecycling.se) and becomes new paper.
Minicards Sweden & Norway compensate for Co2-footprint through a local(swedish) cooperation. This means that you as a customer can feel confident that your service delivered today / tomorrow will be compensated by us, in Sweden and Norway.

Klimatkompensera.se (www.klimatkompensera.se)
> Compensates your entire participation in your entire package (printing of paper and distribution).
Green Key Certification (by FFE) (www.greenkey.global) > Certification and eco-labeling for the tourism industry for accommodation in conference facilities and conference facilities.
Green Globe (www.greenglobe.com)> Sustainability certification for international travel and tourism industry.